Hope For The Yelling Mom

Words Are Not Free

We live in a society that protects the rights of freedom of speech. Although I am a firm believer in speaking your mind, I think we have lost touch with the power that our words carry.  And though we have the freedom to speak boldly, words are not free. They can cost more than we bargain for. 

Being a mother is the third most important priority in life. God being the first and my husband being the second. My kids would be the first to tell you I am quick to speak when I am upset. I came from a family of yellers and it is in my DNA. When I speak, it's loud. I firmly believe with God I am working on breaking that cycle, but it is an everyday choice to set a guard over my mouth. My words tend to be spoken on impulse. Dang it! 

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Remembering Jo

I've prayed hard over this moment. Even before her passing. The day Jo asked me to give her eulogy, I asked God to start preparing me word for word what HE would have me share.  Jo and I's friendship kinda took us both by surprise. What started off as a simple pay it forward act of kindness, turned into a beautiful friendship that only GOD'S amazing goodness could birth. 

I had no intentions the day Sara and Christy showed up at my doorstep other than doing the job that I love. She was graduating high school and we spent a couple of hours together like I do with every client. In that time Christy shared with me about her mother being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Anyone's heart would break to hear of such terrible news. I offered to give them a family portrait session when the time got close, and all they would have to do was reach out to me. Late August that call came. And I met this beautiful woman. 

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