I know after having a baby first hand how crazy and chaotic it is those first few weeks of adjusting to your new life! Those first several weeks are exhausting! The last thing you really want to think about is getting pictures. I totally get it! That is where I come in and catch all those little details that you don't want to forget! 

I will tell you these sessions are run by the little person you bring to me. They can last anywhere from 2 hours to 4! I am at their mercy! No matter what though, I always get the job done! 

You do not have to feed baby before you leave unless you absolutely have to! I prefer to feed baby right before we get started! It gives me a chance to set stuff up and then get baby into a deep sleep! 

I keep my studio extremely warm. If we are all not complaining how hot it is, then it is not warm enough! Parents sometimes have to step out of the room to get cooled off for a bit! I have a perfectly comfortable couch and television if the studio is just too uncomfortable. I gotta keep that naked baby warm! 

Sometimes during the session parents get pooped or peed on. If you want to be prepared for this bring an extra set of clothes for yourself. You only have to worry about this if parents are wanting pictures as well. FYI don't panic if baby poops on me or my props! It is completely normal! So do not feel bad! 


What do you need to bring?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Unless there is anything sentimental that you want to try to incorporate into the session. Sometimes parents who are in the service like to dress in uniform or bring something to use for a prop that represents their life! That is completely ok! I've worked with parents who are in the army, serve on the police force, or even firemen. I love working those sessions and welcome them anytime! 

You need to make sure that you bring a binki ! Even if the baby does not take it for you! It is vital for me to use this while trying to pose baby and they are fussy. I am yet to get a baby NOT to take a binki for me. I am aware that some women are nursing and prefer not to give a bink. I understand that completely but can reassure you the 3 hours I am working with them will not affect your nursing. Trust me! A binki will help this experience tremendously and make it more enjoyable for you! 

Sometimes if dads come, they like to make a lunch run or a drink run. That is completely ok. A three hour session is tough on those dad's, lol!